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Jada, or Version 5.0 was born October 9, 2008. She's the only one of my children to be born outside the state of Maryland. We really tried to break the tradition of naming our child after someone. She was without a name for two days. She's named after her brothers and sisters. We took the first initial from everyone's name and got a Jada.

So far, she's been the perfect baby. There are hardly any late night waking up sessions. For the most part, she sleeps when everyone else goes to bed. She's also well behaved on family outings. We even take her to the movies without fear of being disruptive to the other patrons.

At this point, she can hold her own bottles, she smiles, and rolls over. She's trying to crawl. She loves to swing in her swing while watching TV, and playing peek-a-boo.



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