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Johanna or "JoJo" is my second child. She was also born in Bethesda. She was named after my mother-in-law. She's six years old going on 16. She's a great helper around the house. She's also the responsible one. She's the boss and mother-hen when it comes to keeping her siblings in line. If any of my other kids does something wrong, she's my personal tattletale. But she'll never tell on herself.

Her nickname is JoJo. She still answers to that name, but sometimes she corrects me wanting to be called Johanna instead of JoJo. She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite movies are the High School Musical movies. I believe she owns just about any and everything associated with High School Musical. Her favorite book character is Junie B. Jones. When she comes home from school on library day, she always has a Junie B. Jones book (I think I've read all of them at bedtime).

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